2016 Curriculum Review: California Healthy Youth Act

These curricula were reviewed in 2016. since the review reports were published, nearly all of the publishers and authors have made substantial revisions. Please reach out to publishers and authors directly for the most current information. These reviews can be used as a guide to understand compliance with ca healthy youth act, but local education agencies should review materials for compliance, current relevance, medical accuracy, and community fit.

For curriculum authors and publishers seeking review, resources are limited at this time. In the interim, we ask that publishers and authors fill out this form [form in progress] as a self-review process, carefully indicating the pages and line numbers where their curriculum meets the criteria outlined by ca healthy youth act. Please submit this completed form to ashwgca@gmail.com. If we have resources to conduct additional reviews, we will reach out to authors and publishers who submit this form in the order received.

For questions or concerns, please email ashwgca@gmail.com.