California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) Curricula Review Process


The 2020-21 Curricula Review is Closed

The California Healthy Kids Resource Center (CHKRC), in conjunction with the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG) has completed the 2020 Curriculum Review for compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) of 2016 and updates from 2019. Reviews will be posted here soon.

The California Healthy Youth Act Curriculum Assessment Tool (CHYA CAT) (see Self Review below) used in the 2020-2021 reviews are what school districts should use when reviewing curricula because it is up to date with the current law. School Districts should be sure to complete a local Self Review (see below) of curricula with this version of the CHYA CAT before adoption and implementation, especially if using a curricula which was reviewed in the 2016 or 2017 review, but not the 2020-2021 review as the law was updated in 2019.

Future curricula reviews will be dependent upon any legislative change to the California Healthy Youth Act and/or substantive new developments in the field of comprehensive sexual health education.

  • Once the reviews are complete, the California Healthy Kids Resource Center will contact the publishers. The curricula review will be posted to the California Healthy Kids CHKRC website as well as the ASHWG Website.

Self-Review Process

Curriculum authors, publishers and Local Education Agencies can do a self- review of curricula for compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA), using the Compliance Assessment Tool (CAT) for CHYA, carefully indicating the lesson number/title, page(s) number and line numbers where the curriculum meets the criteria outlined by California Healthy Youth Act.

For assistance or questions about with curricula compliance, please contact:

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2020-21 CHYA Reviews (Coming Soon)


2017 CHYA Reviews (Coming Soon)


2016 CHYA Reviews


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